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About @Home
Dierenarts@Home works with passion to make veterinary care more available for everyone. By working in a flexible manner, we can provide the care your pet needs more effectively in your schedule and better match expectations. We thus want to give more joy to both pet and owner, by making sure pets get the care they deserve!

Our mission is thus: to provide and increase the value for both pet and owner of veterinary care. Together we guard over the health of your pet.
Who are we
At Dierenarts@Home our main veterinarian is Simon van de Berg:

From a young age I showed love for animals. Becoming a vet was a very logical conclusion for me. Working with both animals and people is inspiring, especially when this can be done at (their) home! The love for animals hasn't become any less over the years: I am currently the proud (co)owner of two lovely cats, a dog and various reptiles. I hope to meet you soon.

T.:06 - 550 729 20

Together with you, we at Dierenarts@Home are there for your pet.